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How to get the quotation of safety grating quickly

Views:5     Author:Helen Nie     Publish Time: 2020-09-10      Origin:Site Inquire

How to get the quotation of safety grating quickly

safety grating is used to create non-slip walkways and stair treads, which can protect workers' life and save conmpany's cost. Therefore, safety grating is really essential in industry and architectural use. But many people don't know provide what information when they purchase the safety grating. Today, let me introduce how to get the quotation of safety grating quickly ?

At first, we should know what information we need to provide to the supplier when we inquiry. They incude pattern,size, material, thickness of the plate, hole size, height and bending size.

Then I explain to you one by one. 

-pattern, usually, it contains three kinds of : Grip strut, Perf-o grip, Traction tread and ladder rung. I  have attached the picture for your reference, please check the following. At first, you should say what pattern you want, then say other information.

Grip strutPerf-o gripTraction-treadTraction-tread
Grip strutPerf-o gripTraction-treadLadder-rung

-Size: It can be customized according to your requirements, so before inquiring, you should be clear what size you want. Besides, the size shouldn't be to large because the size of container is limited.

-Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, galvanized plate, iron are all workable. Usually, the safety grating is trodden under foot, the aluminum is not often used.

-Thickness: It also can be customized according to your application. Usually, 2-3mm is popular.

-Hole size: If you're not clear about it, you can share your use to ask supplier to recommend for you.

-Height: It also can be customized according to your requirements. Many of our customers require 1.5-2 inch height.

-Bending size : We can customize it for you, 20mm is popular.

I have attached a picture of specification for your reference. 


Do you understand how to get the quotation of safety grating quickly ? If any question, just feel free to ask me. Thanks in advance.

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