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How to choose the hole type of perforated metal

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When you need perforated metal for ceiling, curtain wall, filter,vents,etc, whether you 're not clear which hole type to choose. Today I will talk about the hole types of perforated metal.

The round hole, square hole and slotted hole are the most common hole type and the round hole perforated metal is the most popular one, which has the most wide options in hole diameter、thickness、material and sheet size.

perforated metal 2

The square hole perforated metal is suitable when the project are desired a large percentage of open area.

perforated metal 5

The slotted hole perforated metal has greater ventilation than the round hole and has a more beautiful appeal than the square hole.

perforated metal 3

The hexagenal hole perforated metal is the type that has the highest percentage of open area, which is workable for high airflow architectural applications.

perforated metal

The hole type of decorative perforated metal can be customized, which requires a beautiful appeal.

Speaking of which, do you know which hole type to choose ? Actually, the hole type depend on your use.

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