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How to Install Steel Gratings Correctly and Quickly?

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Now, let's look at the common types. According to the pattern, we have grip strut, perf-o and traction tread and ladder rungs.

Grip strut also named diamond shape safety grating or diamond-grip.

Perf-o ,has one embossed big hole and six small hole.

Traction tead, there are some raised holes.

Besides, we also have ladder rungs, it can be 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows.....,etc. 

Grip Strut Perf-o grip traction tread ladder rung
Grip Strut Perf-o Grip Traction Tread Ladder Rung

For this diamond safety grating, according to the numbers of diamonds, we have 2 diamonds, 3 diamonds, 4,5,6,…10 as well as heavy diamond. It can be used as three functions: planks, walkway and stair treads.When they are used for different walkway, the installation way is also different.

According to its practical application, steel grating can be installed and fixed in many ways. Typically, welding installation, fastener fixing and angle steel fixing are three methods we commonly used for steel grating installation. You can choose a proper installation method suitable for your application.

Speaking of this, let me explain the installation way for you because it is also very critical for the end user. You can see from the following drawing, the installation contains the connection between safety gratings and between safety grating and steel structure.

installation way

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