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How to Choose the Surface Treatment of The Aluminum Expanded Metal Facade

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How to Choose the Surface Treatment of The Aluminum Expanded Metal Facade

Aluminum Expanded metal is more and more popular for buliding facade, window or door protective mesh and inside Ceiling decoration and so on.  Besides the hole pattern choosing, the surface treament choosing is also very important, right surface treatment will help achieve the best effect as well as save cost.

Firstly, what surface treatment do we usually do?

Powder coated  

PVDF Pianted


Powder Coating Aluminum Expanded metal

Powder Coating Aluminum Expanded metal 

PVDF Painting expanded metal

PVDF Painting expanded metal

Genarally if it is used for the ourdoor decoration, such as building facaded, or protective mesh. we will choose PVDF finish or Powder coated finish.  because these two finish have longer lifetime, no fade and paint off. because it has been baked in 180 degree and 230degree during the painting, they are very steady finish. 

at the same time, if customer persue longer lifetime, PVDF painting is the best choice. surely the unit price is also higher than the two others.

we do not recomond anodized surface treatment, for the color will be easlily fade under the strong sunshine. only when customer choose the aluminum nature color, it is ok to use anodized finish. because the aluminum material will be more brighter and cleaner than the mill finish. 

you will see the difference before anodizing and after anodizing as following:


Some customers also have requirement of the finish layer thickness, then what they are for the three different finish?

Powder coating finish layer

Powder Coated Surface treatment

Finish layer thickness≥ 60μm

PVDF coating layer

 PVDF Surface treatment

 Finish layer thickness≥ 35μm

anodized finish layer_副本

Anodized Surface treatment

 Finish layer thickness≥ 4μm

After our introduction, have you found the suitable surface finish?

if you still have question,

feel free to contact us.

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