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How To Choose Your Expanded Metal Mesh

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The expanded metal mesh is made of the whole metal panel, withe the special machine, the metal panel will be slitting and stretching. Then the expanded metal come into the form that we usually seen. The expanded metal mesh has many advantages, like the solid structure, the durability and versatile. The expanded metal mesh can be used in many industries, especially in the architectural industry.

Based on your application, we can offer you the advice, that which expanded metal grating fits you well. The part-washing applications, which has the high standard for the residue from runoff, would find that the expanded metal mesh is a quite perfect material.


If you are concerned with the weight of the metal mesh, the flattened metal mesh would be a netter choice, the flattened expanded metal mesh is usually lighter and thinner than the expanded metal mesh. The flattened metal mesh, you can tell form its name, it has a flatter surface, which can raise the holding capacity. The flatter surface can help to distribute the weight or prevent parts from sticking to the expanded metal grating.


When you are purchasing the expanded metal mesh, you need to pay attention to 4 measurements, the LWO, SWO, LWD, and SWD. Cause any wrong measurement may cause the wrong measurement that would effect the characterization of the metal mesh.

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