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Hot Dipped Galvanized 10-Diamond Plank Serrated Safety Grating Grip Strut

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Hot Dipped Galvanized 10-Diamond Plank Serrated Safety Grating Grip Strut

We have introduced the electric-galvanized safety grating, Today we will introduce the hot dipped galvanized safety grating.Compare with the electro-galvanized anti slip grating,hot dipped galvanized grip strut has much longer service life, and even in very wet and rainy circumstance, it will not rust.

grip strut (14)

Serrated Grip Strut is one of the most popular patterns of the safety grating planks, because the serrated surface offer very good anti slip effects, and the mature production technology helps low down the cost. We have been doing this product for more than 15 years, and we have 8 perforating machines works day and night to produce the serrated safety grating.

We recently finished thousands pieces of the grip strut grating.



Thickness: 2mm
Hole length: 45mm
Distance:  57mm
Width: 609.6mm
Length: 3048mm
Height: 76.2mm
Bending width: 22.23mm
Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized

grip strut (1)

First perforating

grip strut (6)

hole length

safety grating (267)

second perforating

grip strut (3)

opening size

grip strut (1)

bending after perforating

grip strut (7)

after bending

grip strut (13)

after galvanizing

grip strut (14)

finished panel

Because we do the anti slip gratings all year round, we can got good price from raw material fee, processing fee, to hot dipped galvanizing fee, we have absolute price advantage; our products are selling well in Asia, European, Oceania, North America, you don’t need to worry about the quality, too. So if you have needs of it, just call me.

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