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Hexagonal Hole Perforated Metal Ceiling Suspended

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Hexagonal Hole Perforated Metal Ceiling Suspended Ceiling

Perforated metal is another leading product of our factory. For industry usage, people always choose carbon steel material or stainless steel material; for food industry, such as perforated sieve, we will choose stainless steel material, the most popular grade is ss 304; as for Decoration mesh, most customer choose aluminum perforated metal sheets.

our decorative perforated metal is mainly for building facade and perforated suspended ceiling,  today we will talk about the perforated ceiling.

perforated metal ceiling09

you can choose any patterns as you like, round hole, hexagonal hole, square hole, and any other irresular holes.

but the most popular ones are round holes and hexagonal holes. the installation way we usually choose is Hook on typ, just as the following pictures.

perforated metal ceiling10perforated metal ceiling06

production process as following

perforating ~ bending ~ painting

perforated metal ceiling01perforated metal ceiling04perforated metal ceiling02

If you want to know more about the installation way of the suspended perforated ceiling,

just contact me,



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