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G expanded metal

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Thailand G Style Expanded Metal comes in two common types: raised and flattened. Raised sheets have wavy ridges throughout, whereas flattened sheet are truly flat.
  • HJE-2251
  • carbon steel, galvanized or aluminum
  • walkway, enclosure, indoor ceiling system, protective fence, trench cover, vehicle grille etc.

Induction Of G Expanded Metal :

Thailand G Expanded Metal  also comes from pressing after being die cut and expanded. It has raised and flat two types. Raised sheets have wavy ridges throughout, while flattened sheet are truly flat. The material of expanded metal walkway is carbon steel and hot dipped galvanized.  

When order G Expanded Metal, please confirm:

• The Style

• Flattened or Raised

• Material

• Sheet Size

• Quantity

Example:  100sheets, Expanded Metal G-5 Flattened,carbon steel, standard 4' x 8' sheet.

G   Expanded Metal Thickness
Expanded Metal   G-1 3.2 7 122X23 1220 2440
Expanded Metal   G-2 4.5 7 122X23 1220 2440
Expanded Metal   G-5 1.6 1.6 44X9 1220 2440
Expanded Metal   G-10 1.6 5 50X15 1220 2440

Characteristics of  Thailand G Expanded metal :

- High safety protection

- Less weight with strong structure

- Cost effective- without material waste

- Allows ventilation of light,air and sound,better used for screens or filter.

- Easy installation

Thailand G Expanded metal  has wide applications in all walks of life, Mainly used in

  1. Ventilation Systems

  2. Strainers

  3. Satellite and Radar Antennas

  4. Partitions

  5. Outdoor Furniture

  6. Speaker Grills

  7. Security Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Doors

  8. Machine and Window Guards

  9. Decoration work

  10. balcony railings

  11. fall guardrail

  12. card guard

  13. machinery

  14. animal cages

  15. barrier panels

  16. anti-theft windows

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