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Explaining The Standard Expanded Metal Mesh

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Explaining The Standard Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded metals are made of carbon steel, galvanized and stainless steel plates, and various alloys of aluminum and copper, nickel, silver, titanium and other metal plates. Because the metal mesh is made of solid metal plates and is not woven or welded, it will never fall apart.

Hexagonal hole shape expanded mesh  Hexagonal hole shape expanded mesh-LWD  Hexagonal hole shape expanded mesh-SWD

In order to produce expanded metal, the plate or slab is cut and stretched at the same time. This process expands the incision into a diamond-shaped hole of uniform size and shape. Since no metal is lost during the expansion process, expanded metal is cost-effective and saves energy by saving material and allowing further development of the manufacturing process.

expanded metal mesh

When choosing a metal mesh for fence applications, you need to determine which style or diamond size is best for your application. The expanded metal name is represented by SWD (short-distance size of diamonds), and the second number can specify the size of the metal, weight per 100 square feet or other meaning.

Another consideration when ordering extended metal mesh panels is the actual metal wire width and metal wire thickness. These are important because they affect the actual opening size of the diamond and the percentage of visible openings or visibility through the wall.

In addition to SWD or short-distance diamond, there is also a measurement method called LWD (long-distance diamond).

In fence applications, the direction of the diamond is different from the appearance of the final fence.

stainless steel expanded mesh with small hole3  aluminum expanded mesh ceiling-hexogonal hole  walkway Expanded metal mesh3

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