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Expanded Metal Mesh

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Expanded metal mesh can be expanded into a wide variety of mesh styles.There are standard expansion metal styles and a variety of different strand widths and opening sizes that can be created for any construction or industrial pattern needed.Expansive metals can also be formed in a flat form by rolling standard or raised expansion metals, which are produced using a cold metal forming process.First, the sheet metal is stretched and evenly cut.Then, the holes are cut with regular slots of different shapes, including diamonds, circles, squares, rectangles, etc.These shapes tend to increase the strength and stiffness of the expanded metal.The opening tends to ensure a smooth flow of light, liquid and air, making it a versatile product.

Expansive metal mesh features:

Expansive metal mesh is a single piece structure that remains intact even after years of use.It will not break or disintegrate because it can hold its shape for a long time.It is available in raised or flat mode, in different opening sizes, materials, sheet sizes and specifications.

Expansion metal mesh applications:

Expansive metal mesh can be used for protection equipment or devices in industrial sectors and homes.It is commonly used for filtration processes, decorative purposes, screening, ventilation and safety purposes.

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