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Diamond and Hexagonal Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh

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Huijin expanded aluminum sheet is available in many kinds of openings, patterns and designs, suitable for various applications and increases the beautiful degree. The hole shape of aluminum metal mesh can be customized for your requirement, including diamond shape and hexagonal shape.

Diamond Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh is the most versatile and economical shape of expanded metal mesh, has the features of light weight and beautiful appearance.

Diamond Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh

The surface can be treated with powder coating or PVDF to show different color and enhance corrosion resistance.

Hexagonal Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh is more strength and rigidity than Diamond Aluminum Expanded Metal, at the same time, it's aesthetically pleasing.

Hexagonal Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh

Hexagonal expanded metal which offers much stronger property compared with diamond patterns usually applies to heavy expanded metal are used in step mesh, facades, roofs, fences, walkways, guarding of machines, making of security windows, road fence, wall decoration, used with concrete, in buildings, car grill and construction.

Dimensions of hexagonal expanded metal are made according to customer needs. Other opening patterns like round, diamond and special shapes are available.

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