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Convex Hole Galvanized Perforated Sheet For Work non-slip of Tank truck

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Convex Hole Galvanized Perforated Sheet For Work non-slip of Tank truck 

In daily aerial work, the worker often face the dangerous of slipping floor. In order to solve this problem and ensure the safety of the workers, we can use some convex hole panels to install on the floor, then the surface will be anti-slip and more frictional.

In our past project, we have one of UAE customer choose the convex round hole perforated panel as floor surface. Let's see the specification and application of it!

First, its material is galvanized sheet which surface can reach 80g/m2 zinc. We order material at first then cut it into required size.

Material- galvanized sheet

Second, we customize the mold according to required hole size and then perforate the panel

Convex Hole Perforated Metal Sheet-perforated  Convex Hole Perforated Metal Sheet

Third, finished all the panels, measuring the hole size, panel size, testing the specification.

Convex hole perforated sheet- hole diameter  Convex hole perforated sheet- pure distance  

Convex hole perforated sheet- width  Convex hole perforated sheet- length

Forth, packing in bubble film and then in steel pallet. Finally, deliveried.

Convex hole perforated sheet- Packing in bubble film  Convex hole perforated sheet- Packing in steel pallet

The application scenario of this perforated sheet:

Convex hole perforated sheet-application 

Convex hole perforated sheet-application 2

If you want to place the order or want to know more details, just feel free to contact us!

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