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  • 11-01 2022 +Read More
    Why Choose The Laser Cut Decorative Metal Panel?

    The decorative metal panel has been widely used in many architecture design for both interior and exterior. The decorative perforated metal mesh can offer the space the unique aesthetic value. It can use to divide the space or as the screen while allow the sound, light and the air to pass through.

  • 10-24 2022 +Read More
    The Laser Cut Perforated Metal Panel

    The perforated metal mesh has many various kinds of the patterns on the metal panel. There are different ways to create these patterns, like the press punching, the laser cutting and etc,. Among on these manufacturing process, our company prefer the laser cutting. For many metal panel, the laser cut

  • 10-11 2022 +Read More
    Expanded Metal Mesh Terms

    In the last article, we have mentioned that when we are purchasing the expanded metal mesh we need to pay attention to the special measurements of these metal mesh. Here are the short brief explanation of the necessary terms.

  • 09-19 2022 +Read More
    Aluminum Metal Decorative Grille Wall Panel

    Based on the decorative metal panel’s colour, we offer the mill finish, the anodized, paint, powder coating and PVDF coating. The decoration panel has been widely used as the ceiling wall or the facade, there are two common surface treatments, the powder coated and the PVDF coated.

  • 08-04 2022 +Read More
    The China Manufacturer Irregular Hole Perforated Metal

    The irregular hole perforated metal mesh is made form the metal panel. And then use the special machine to punch the holes on the metal panel to create the different pattern. The normal size of the perforated metal is 4ftx8ft. Depends on your needs, the material of the metal sheet, the hole pattern

  • 07-27 2022 +Read More
    Anti-skid Ladder rungs

    The anti-skid ladder rung also known as stair ladder. It is made of the perforated metal mesh, after bending and shaping, it can form into the appropriate size to fit the ladders. The material of the perforated metal mesh is usually pre-galvanized steel, or HRP&O steel of 13 and 11 gauge, aluminum steel and the 304 stainless steel of 16 gauge.

  • 06-01 2022 +Read More
    North America Standard Expanded Metal

    Expanded metal is made of the whole metal sheet, after pressing the metal sheet it would be die cut and expanded. There are two types of the expanded metal mesh, the raised metal mesh and the flattened type. Each style can be made into two types, besides the difference of the appearence, the flatten

  • 05-11 2022 +Read More
    The Metal Mesh Company-HUIJIN

    We have multiple metal products. Like, industrial mesh, architectural decorative meatl mesh and the products that has been widely used in the factory or the outdoor, the safety grating and belt conveyor.

  • 02-22 2022 +Read More
    High Rib Lath to USA

    First two containers rib lath shipped to USA after Chinese New Year.

  • 01-17 2022 +Read More
    Arc Architectural Perforated Metal

    A new project of arc architectural perforated metal is painting. This project will be used for the building façade, we will share more beautiful photos after installation.

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