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Combination Of The Aluminum Expanded Metal Fence and your Garden

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Combination Of The Aluminum Expanded Metal Fence and your Garden

Our company is engaged in design,production and exportation in decorative and construction aluminium building facade mesh  .The application of products includes outdoor building curtain wall,landscape modeling,indoor ceiling and construction project,safety grating and so on.

Aluminum expanded metal is getting widely popular, because it is not only for project usage, but also widely used as home decoration. Aluminum expanded used as Garden fence becomes more family’s choice. Why?

First, it shares All kinds of color. As long as you can tell me the RAL color number,we will do the color accordingly, no matter you like red, pink, yellow, green or blue color aluminum expanded metal fence, we will finish it. 

aluminum expanded metal

Second, the aluminum expanded metal fence can be perfectly combined with your garden plants, just like they grow up together, and plants or follower can grow through the fence holes.

aluminum expanded metal (1)
aluminum expanded metal (3)

Last, the installation of the aluminum expanded metal is very simple, we will supply whole sets of the accessories, and send installation instruction to you, As well as installation video if you prefer.

What’s more, any quantity of the fence could be customized, the pattern, color, height and width dimension could will be finished right by your requirement and garden size, all in all it is right for your garden. 

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