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Choosing The Right Expanded Metal

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As for the material of the expanded metal, the choice are varied. The expanded metal grating is depend on your application.

As for the standard expanded metal and the flattened expanded metal, you need to consider where the expanded metal mesh gonna be use.

The standard expanded metal has a slightly rounded face, it can be used for the part-washing applications, where there has the high require for the residue of the runoff.

The flattened expanded metal has a flatter surface that are more suitable for the applications that are designed for the materials-handling. The flat surface can distribute the weight or prevent parts from sticking to the expanded metal grating.

Expanded Metal Lath Offers Wall Reinforcement and Prevents Cracking

With the special manufacturing machine, the standard stainless steel expanded metal mesh has more consistent opening space on the metal sheet.

When the characterization becomes an issue, then you need pay attention to the LWO, SWO, LWD, and SWD. The measurements may vary depending on the direction of the metal. This lead to an element of variability, which makes it more difficult to control the opening space precisely.

If you want to know more measurement terms, we will introduce these terms to you in the latter article.

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