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Carbon Steel Anti Slip Ladder Rung Welcomed In USA

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Carbon Steel Anti Slip Ladder Rung Welcomed In USA

Different sizes and patterns of the anti slip grating has different usage, we have anti slip grip, anti slip channel, and also anti slip tread, now we will introduce the anti slip ladder rungs.

safety grating (23)

fish mouth pattern anti slip grating

ladder rungnarrow fish mouth pattern becomes ladder rungs
ladder rung (1)

Size of the ladder rung

The most popular size of the ladder rung, is grating with 3 rows of holes.

Material: carbon steel or stainless steel

Thickness: 2mm or 2.5mm

Width: 39.8mm

Height: 30mm

Length: 1240mm, 1500mm, 1800mm

Customer will paint it after welding, to avoid corrison if they choose steel material.

The question is if you dont like this size, but other specification? such as 2 rows ladder rung, 4 rows ladder rung, is it ok?

Surely it is ok. but we alway recommond this size, why? you can see that the bending of the ladder rung is not 90 degree, but with a radian. this kind of bending way needs a special bending tool, which is very expensive. 

ladder rung (3)

Perforating of the ladder rung

ladder rung (6)

bending of the ladder rung 

So only when customer requires big quantity, new bending size is suitable, we can order new mold, and the priece will be still competitive.

ladder rung (7)

90 degree bending ladder rung

But if you do want 2 row ladder rungs, and quatnity is small, can we find solutions? 

yes, but we can not choose the bending with radian, we can finish it in 90 degree.  can you see the difference from the the right picture?

Have you know more about the ladder rung?

no matter what kind of requirment do you need, we will try our best to find the most suitable solutions for you.

Economic price with good quality and effect. 



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