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Black Color Aluminum Suspended Expanded Metal Ceiling

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Black Color Aluminum Suspended Expanded Metal Ceiling 

Except for the perforated suspended ceiling, aluminum expanded metal is also an good choice for mall, liberary and other public area ceilings. 

compared to perforated ceiling, expanded metal ceiling's price is more competitive, and the hole shape is simple. 

Diamond shape mesh and hexagonal shape mesh.

the main size we choose for diamond shape aluminum expanded metal is 

10mm x30mm

15mm x40mm

20mm x40mm

aluminum expanded metal ceiling

this is Diamond shape aluminum expanded metal ceiling.

and according to the frame welding way, 

we have fame weled inside mesh way, 

and fame welded outside mesh way.

this one is diamond holle, frame welded outside mesh.

Poject picture of the suspended aluminum expanded metal

aluminum expanded metal

Hexagoanl hole mesh is size are 

15mmx 50mm

13mm x50mm

10mm x50mm

and surely we can also produce it according to your requirement, customized sizes are ok.

aluminum expanded metal ceiling

this is diamond hole shape aluminum expanded metal ceiling

and as you can see the frame is welded inside the mesh.

Project picture

expanded metal ceiling

Material of the suspended expanded metal ceiling could be both aluminum or iron.

and sureface treatment will be powder coated and PVDF painted. Color Grey, Black, White, Blue are the most popular colors.

Have you know more about the suspended expanded metal ceiling?

if you are intereted in it, feel free to contact me, we will supply most economic, suitable and beautifyl solutions.

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