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Application fields of metal perforated filter plate

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Metal perforated filter plate introduction:

The metal perforated filter plate is made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper steel, aluminum steel, nickel steel and alloy steel.We have advanced numerical control equipment, and our products are model manufacturing.The product has the advantages of high precision, small error and good quality.

Features of metal perforated filter plate:

High precision, small error, good quality

The product has beautiful appearance 

Low cost, easy installation.

Metal perforated filter plate process:

Hot dip galvanized perforated metal sheet.The steel plate is immersed in a zinc bath and force is applied to the zinc surface.At present, the main use is the production of continuous galvanizing process, that is, the steel coil continuously immersed in the galvanizing liquid, made of galvanizing liquid.

Electro-galvanized perforated metal sheet.This perforated metal has good working ability.However, the coating is thinner than hot-dip galvanized perforated metal sheets and is resistant to corrosion.

Metal perforated filter plate application:

Building mesh, protective mesh, decorative mesh, filter mesh, screen mesh, all kinds of granular mesh

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