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Anti Slip Grating And How To Install the Safety Grating

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Anti Slip Grating And How To Install the Safety Grating

Anti slip grating or safety grating is widely used in building stairs, Tank truck stairs, mountain stairs, and many other places where have high requirement of the anti slip effects.

According to the bending ways of the mesh, we can simplly divide it into three type.

anti slip grating

we will talk about the gratings today, Perf-O type, Grip Strut grating, tread grating, and other customized hole gratings.

safety grating (325)anti slip grating (31)  safety grating (29)

Then how to install the gratings?

Main Accessories are as following:

gratings accessories   

safety grating installation safety grating installation

the anti slip grating usually fixed on the stair frames, and sometime, we need the link the length direction.

the accessories as following:

safety grating installation

After Installation of the safety grating

safety grating installation

Our company have 30+ years experience of the safety grating production, and we can also supply all the accessories.

if you are looking for solutions for your stairs, feel free to contact us.

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