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Anodized Aluminum Expanded Metal Delivered to Estonia

Views: 2     Author: Spring Wong     Publish Time: 2020-06-29      Origin: Site Inquire

Anodized Aluminum Expanded Metal Delivered to Estonia

Aluminum expanded metal is more and more widely used  in building facade decoration, because of its beautiful apperance, good Ventilation rate. Surface treatment is one important part of the aluminum expanded metal sheet, generally people will choose Powder coated aluminum expanded metal, PVDF expanded metal or anodized aluminum expanded metal sheets. 

when people want aluminum nature color, they will choose anodized aluminum expanded metal, anodized surface will keep the aluminum metallic feeling, and at the same time form a protective film. The anodized film will protect  the aluminum material from corrosion rust, and meke the metal more bright. 

Comparasion picture of the aluminum expanded metal, before anodizing and after anodizing.

anodized aluminum expanded metal4

This shipment is for Estonia customers, the aluminum mesh will be used as facade of the Museum.

anodized aluminum expanded metal3

The film thickness of the anodized aluminum expanded metal is about 4-5μm.

anodized aluminum expanded metal2

Loading of the aluminum expanded metal mesh.

anodized aluminum expanded metal6

if you are also interested in it, do not hesitate to contact me, our professional team will offer the most suitable solutions for your buildings.

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