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Aluminum perforated sheet for filter

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Aluminum perforated sheet for filter

Our factory has a variety of CNC machine tools and stamping equipment, specializing in providing stainless steel filter elements, filters and other filter equipment accessories.

Perforated sheet  

1. Mesh filter cartridge style: metal filter mesh tube, net tube, net bucket.

2. Production process: The filter cylinder is welded by stainless steel punching net, aluminum punching net and iron punching net.

3. Purpose:

1) Air filtration and separation;

2) Purification of high temperature flue gas in metallurgical industry;

3) Filtration of various high temperature, corrosive liquids and catalysts in the petrochemical industry;

4) Filtration and dispersion of various catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry;

5) Used for high-pressure backwashing oil filters, etc.;

6) Used to filter edible oil, beverages and various edible slurries;

7) Used to purify and filter the produced sewage.

Perforated sheet 2  Perforated sheet 4  Perforated sheet 3

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