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Aluminum metal curtain wall cladding

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Aluminum metal curtain wall

Normally, aluminium curtain walls are packed in wooden or carton Boxes with bubble Bag, clear film, foam inside. As to the surface treatment, we finish it by maintain the surface anodized with the powder coated or PVDF spraying. We choose such kind of workmanship, so it does the product presented can achieve an effect that is full of elegant, fashion and grandeur. 

Aluminum curtain wall cladding has the superiorities of light weight, sound insulation, fireproof, strong modern style. They have complete specifications and excellent qualities, which are widely used in petroleum, chemical, aerospace, transportation, machinery, filtration, construction and other fields.

Don't worry if you can't provide detailed information, just share your use of this product, we will recommend the suitable specification accordingly. We sincerely welcomes you to purchase our Aluminum curtain wall claddings.

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