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Aluminum Expanded Sheet for Decorative Applications

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Aluminum expanded metal sheet is much more lightweight than the steel and stainless steel expanded metal sheet. It has excellent anti-corrosion and rust resistance, which can be adopted in the salty, high temperature and other harsh environments.

Aluminum expanded sheet is available in diverse colors through PVC coated surface treatment for better corrosion resistance performance. Additionally, it adapts to much more applications to makes up a more beautiful and high class environment.

The aluminum metal sheet contains raised or flattened surface. The raised aluminum expanded sheet possesses first-rate anti-slippy resistance. The flattened expanded sheet supplies smooth surface and can be utilized as the furniture surface or shelves.

The Diamond Aluminum Expanded Metal      The Aluminum Expanded Metal For Cladding

What are applications of the aluminum expanded sheet?

Firstly, aluminum expanded metal sheets are extensively used in the decoration applications as the decorative expanded metal mesh. 

In addition, it can be utilized in the exterior of the building for wall cladding, as well as being used in the interior of the shopping malls, hotels for wall decorations.

Futhermore, expanded metal is adopted as security fence for window, wall and stair security.

Next, Designed as drying racks, the expanded sheets are able to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs, food.

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