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Aluminum Expanded Metal Application

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Aluminum Small Hole Expanded Metal Used for Filter Mesh Or Protective Mesh

As we all know that there are many different sizes of the expanded metal, Diamond hole, Hexagonal hole, and this is divided by the different patterns of the mesh opening. There are also expanded metal panels and expanded metal rolls. Than when we will do it in panels? And than when in panels?

expanded metal panel

expanded metal panel

aluminum expanded metal06

aluminum expanded metal rolls

There is no clear boundaries of which hole size should be rolls, and which hole size should be panels, but generally, we can not do big hole size with thick stand width and thickness in rolls. And customers usually require hole size smaller than 10*20mm.

The usage of the small hole expanded metal is as

Plaster mesh

Filter mesh

Protective mesh

Insect mesh

we recently got an order from Greece, the specification of the small hole expanded metal mesh they required is

Thickness 0.4mm
Strand width 0.4mm
Mesh size 1.5*2.7mm
Roll Width 500mm
Roll Length 25meter

They will use it as filter mesh, fixed in the machine.

The machine of the small hole expanded metal is different with the heavy expanded metal, as you can see it, the machine width is narrow than the heavy expanded metal, and it is one kind of light machine, small hole expanded metal machine can produce more precise expanded metal.

And generally we don’t need to leveling it, it will be in rolls once finished production.

The largest width we can do is 1.5m width, and length will be less than 100 meters per roll.

expanded metal

Expanded metal machine

aluminum expanded metal07

Expanded metal machine

Packages of the small hole expanded metal

Bare package or in woven bags

aluminum expanded metal02

bare package

aluminum expanded metal05

woven bag package

If you want to know more about it.

fell free to contact us.



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