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AAMA Standard Carbon Steel Expanded Metal

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AAMA Standard Carbon Steel Expanded Metal

Huijin wire mesh factory as the leading manufacturer of the expanded metal in this area, was set up in 1986, start from one set of expanded metal, with more than 30years experience, we have now 14 sets of expanded metal, 8sets of perforating machine, and also many other supporting equipment. so we are also very professional in perforated metal, safety grating and decorative woven wire mesh products. 

carbon steel expanded metal machine

As for our leading expanded metal, we have hundreds of tools for it, and we can manufacturer many standard style, such as USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Japan as well as South afraica. Most of the American customers, required AAMA standard expanded mtal.

EMMA standard expanded metal

According to the Material, there are stainless steel, carbon steel, and also aluminum expanded metal; about the shape, there are flattened expanded metal, standard expanded metal, dimond shape, and hexagonal shape; according to the surface treatment, there are hot dipped galvanized expanded metal, electro galvanized expanded metal, powder coated expanded metal, and also mill finish.

 carbon steel flattened expanaded metal    standard expanded metal                          hot dipped refular expanded metal

flattened expanded metalstandard expanded metalgalvanized expanded metal (3)

we have about 10 x 20GP containers loading every month, which are delivered to America.

if you also have needs about it, feel free to contact us.


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