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A introduction of Aluminum expanded metal mesh

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Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh is a kind of metal stock that features diamond-shaped patterns that are produced by simultaneously slitting and stretching of the material. The standard form of this material is known as raised expanded metal, because of its elevated diamond pattern. Raised standard metal is made up of bonds and strands that are placed at a uniform angle to the plane of the metal sheet, resulting in additional strength and rigidity.

What are the benefits of standard Expanded Metal?

Standard, or raised expanded metal is an extremely versatile material. It's easy to control the percentage of the open area for adapting to the application by altering the pattern size or strand width, thus increasing the flow of air or light in the finished product. Expanded metal shows a tremendous amount of formability.

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Manufacturers who are concerned about minimizing operating costs will appreciate raised expanded metal's cost-effectiveness. So it is their best choice to choose slitting and stretching process of expanded metal, which produces no scrap or waste material.

The applications and uses for raised expanded metal products are virtually endless. For examples their include metal containers, strainers, Partitions, HVAC systems, Battery cells, speaker grilles, patio furniture, racks and shelving, satellite and radar antennas and so on.

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