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3/4-13 galvanized expanded metal sheet to used for greenhouse benches

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Expanded metal is produced by cutting and simultaneously ironing a sheet metal,including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, titanium or copper. This process creates diamond-shaped openings in the material that allow the free flow of air, fluids or light. During this process, there is no material waste to make expanded metal a cost-effective option.

Our factory have shipped many containers of expanded metal sheets to America and Canada, and our expanded metal is very popular on our customers’ market with competitive price and high quality. Today we will introduce one model, 3/4-13 expanded metal, which is commonly used for greenhouse benches.

Specifications of 34-13 expanded metal

Specifications of 3/4-13 expanded metal:

Material: Carbon steel

SWD x LWD : 0.923’’ x 2’’

Strand Width: 0.096’’

Thickness: 0.09’’

Open Area: 76%

Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized

Size: as per request

Features of 3/4-13 expanded metal:

· Continuous Air Flow – Reducess fungus by allowing unrestricted air passage.
Also allows for even distribution of heat and light.

· Long Life – Hot dipped galvanized after expanding covering protective coating of zinc to provide good corrosion resistance

· Drainage – 76% open area allows easy drainage.

· Versatile – No spacing problems.

· No Maintenance – Soil and water drop right through the bench – eliminating
weed, soil and water accumulation.

· Light Weight – 94 lb. per one hundred square feet.

· Low Cost – You’ll find this bench to be more economical than most bench
material now used.

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